What a wonderful world

//What a wonderful world

So says the chorus line from a beautiful Louis Armstrong song.

It is so easy to forget this, during these surreal and unprecedented times we are living in.

We live on an amazing planet, the ‘blue marble’ or ‘third rock from the sun’ as it has been called. Life is remarkable and so precious, in all its forms.

An incredible playground. For all to enjoy, especially those with open hearts and minds.

It is easy to see why many people are looking inwardly. Wondering what their life and the lives of their loved ones are going to be like once ‘freedom of movement’ returns.

I cannot imagine what it must be like in the middle of a large town or city. Not allowed to leave your home, not being able to touch the grass or walk out breathing clean fresh air. My heart goes out to those millions of people who are affected this way.

What the lock down seems to have achieved is to give people a sense of community. Something that has been sadly lacking over the years. Who has had the time to stop and talk to neighbours as they rush out the door to catch a train or bus? Talking to people in a queue was a definite no, if you did, in most cases, you were totally ignored.

The slowing down of life has allowed many people to revaluate what is important to them, what actually makes them happy. But more importantly, to look outwardly at others less fortunate than themselves and offer help.

Look at how much Tom Moore raised for the NHS, how people where willing to give so much money to a great cause. But was it just for the cause, or was it the man who made the difference? Or a bit of both.

Would this have happened, I wonder, if we were living in normal times? A brave man captured the heart of a nation and it shows that with dogged determination what we can achieve as individuals.

So, can we keep this newfound sense of community going, to keep supporting the local, individual shopkeepers, rather than the large supermarkets, who have kept us supplied with food, drink and of course, toilet rolls?

Or are we all going to go back into our shells and continue as though nothing has happened? Some will say that change is not easy, but for those who supported Captain Tom Moore on his 100 laps of his garden, life should never be the same again.

What a wonderful world.

With my very best wishes


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