Spirit Lines

Used by the lost souls who freely wonder the Earth, very much like tram lines and they help spirits move from one location to another.

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Dowsing Spirits

Spirit Lines

A Lengthy Diversion

Just as the living use footpaths and bridleways, lost souls walk along energetic track ways known as Spirit Lines or Spirit Paths.

Many of them do so out of habit, something that they have done naturally for many years. If their path remains free and unobstructed, they are happy, but if someone suddenly blocks their way by building a house over it, then problems can start to occur for the family, the builders won’t have an easy time either.

You would probably feel the same way if a barrier suddenly appeared on your favourite footpath stopping you from using it ever again or worse yet a lengthy diversion.

Ancient Spirit Lines

So, we need to be careful where we place our homes. Sadly the need for housing is eating into our beautiful countryside and the more this happens the higher the chance is of being affected by one or more of these ancient spirit lines.

Stories often appear in newspapers about spirits walking through people’s houses and a well-known report came from York many years ago. It involved a legion of Roman soldiers regularly seen walking through a home, but you could only see the top half of their bodies, this was puzzling, until it was discovered that the original road that they walked on was much lower than the road is today.

Does your family pet see things that you don’t? Do they suddenly raise their head and watch as something or someone moves from one side of the room to the other – if so, you may be living on a spirit path.

The travellers, and there can be hundreds, will need to be carefully moved on and the path diverted.

Dowsing Spirits

What We Do

This is one of the few things that we divert from your house. Any spirits will be moved into the Light. A healing is then carried out to clear any residue that might remain. The detrimental line is then moved away from all the houses it affects.

N.B. This should not be looked at as a replacement for, but complementary to, a visit to your GP should you have any health concerns or issues whatsoever.

Dowsing Spirits

What You Need to do

Dowsing Spirits

Geopathic Stress

Dowsing Spirits

Home Healing

Dowsing Spirits

People Healing

Dowsing Spirits

Moving Home

Dowsing Spirits

Work Healing

Dowsing Spirits

What Our Clients Say

I am so grateful to you, our home feels like its had a cloud of fog lifted from it, in the 7 years we have lived here it’s felt quite trapped and for the first time we feel like its home so thank you!

I didn’t want to believe in what you do, but now I do. The family are so much more together, the house feels calm and our pets are so much happier and settled. Thank you, Adrian

Thank you so much for all you’ve done…if there’s proof of anything it’s having you clear my house and getting a buyer (well two actually) so quickly afterwards! 😊 That really is incredible.

On Friday night we had a lovely nights sleep, as did our young 8 month old son, we have a ll been having a real good nights rest for three nights now, and yes the house feel lighter, and far more peaceful, it really does and thank you for the work that you have done.

I just wanted to let you know that, at this point, I can say that this book has truly changed my life. It has served as an instructional guide for me to tackle all sorts of problems in my life and the lives of my loved ones.

First, love your book and the DVD. They have encouraged me to pursue dowsing to help myself, family and others. Thanks so much.

Just a short thank you for all the amazing work we did with you over the weekend. It was indeed ground breaking to be able to tackle the ancient energies and overthrow the energetic bondage to all that does not serve. We are very lucky to follow your school of teaching, as it is of highest standard. Thank you for all the extra tools which are time saving and empowering and your willingness to share all you can. I have added Dowsing Spirits approach to my professional repertoire for both home healing and energy healing.

Loving it. Your writing style is very direct, personal and open and it feels as though I am listening to you rather than reading which is making is very accessible.

Calm, peaceful and nurturing. The house feels wonderful, thank you for your wonderful healing work Adrian

Dowsing Spirits

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Dowsing Spirits

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