Technopathic Stress

A detrimental by product of living in a technological age. The outpouring of radiation and electro-magnetic fields from modems, mobiles, cordless phones and smart meters cause us untold damage.

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Technological Age

An all-encompassing term used to describe the detrimental energies and radiation coming from the electrical equipment in our homes, as well as those from external sources that may be affecting you adversely.

We live in a technological age and there are new mobile phones and computers being released all the time. The public, seemingly, has an unquenchable thirst for owning the latest gadgets.

5G is almost upon us, giving better and faster access to all the information contained on the web, easier access to our emails and so on. We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from almost everywhere in the world.

But this comes at a price, the body is being bombarded by ever increasingly powerful electro-magnetic fields, radiation, microwaves and coincidently, there is a current marked in the levels of cancer.

Luckily not everyone is susceptible, there are those ‘bullet proof’ people out there who are not affected, but for those more sensitive souls we need to find a helpful solution.

Minimise Your Exposure

It is important, firstly, to minimise your exposure, especially in the bedroom. As we sleep, we relax and as we relax the body, via your immune system, begins to repair itself. But if your mobile and cordless phones are by your bed, your electric blanket is plugged in, your Wi-fi switched on and your electronic alarm clock set to wake you, then the healing literally goes out the window.

Add to this the harmful effects of long-life light bulbs, smart meters, mobile phone masts, tetra masts, microwave ovens, Bluetooth (especially earpieces) etc and you can see why we sometimes can’t sleep, feel tired, listless and irritable, off colour and suffer from constant headaches.

You can do a lot to help yourself and family by making even the slightest adjustments to how you live. Switch off the Wi-fi at night, leave your mobile phones downstairs, switch your cordless DECT phones to the low radiation setting and unplug your electric blanket from the wall once your bed has heated up (better still buy a hot water bottle).

If you are offered a Smart Meter refuse, you are not legally obliged to have one fitted (see

Carrying out a healing on your home and family can also help. Clearing away the geopathic stress will help strengthen the body, making it more able to fight off the harmful effects of technopathic stress.

Dowsing Spirits

What We Do

There is a great deal that you can to help yourself deal with the detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields in your house and workplace.

Long-life light bulbs containing high levels of mercury need changing to halogen or LED bulbs, turn your modem off at night and leave your mobile downstairs and your sleep health patterns will improve.

We can work on the energies put out by external forces such as electric pylons, mobile phone masts and electric sub-stations. Healing can have a marked effect and help to strengthen your immune system.

N.B. This should not be looked at as a replacement for, but complementary to, a visit to your GP should you have any health concerns or issues whatsoever.

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What Our Clients Say

I am so grateful to you, our home feels like its had a cloud of fog lifted from it, in the 7 years we have lived here it’s felt quite trapped and for the first time we feel like its home so thank you!

I didn’t want to believe in what you do, but now I do. The family are so much more together, the house feels calm and our pets are so much happier and settled. Thank you, Adrian

Thank you so much for all you’ve done…if there’s proof of anything it’s having you clear my house and getting a buyer (well two actually) so quickly afterwards! 😊 That really is incredible.

On Friday night we had a lovely nights sleep, as did our young 8 month old son, we have a ll been having a real good nights rest for three nights now, and yes the house feel lighter, and far more peaceful, it really does and thank you for the work that you have done.

I just wanted to let you know that, at this point, I can say that this book has truly changed my life. It has served as an instructional guide for me to tackle all sorts of problems in my life and the lives of my loved ones.

First, love your book and the DVD. They have encouraged me to pursue dowsing to help myself, family and others. Thanks so much.

Just a short thank you for all the amazing work we did with you over the weekend. It was indeed ground breaking to be able to tackle the ancient energies and overthrow the energetic bondage to all that does not serve. We are very lucky to follow your school of teaching, as it is of highest standard. Thank you for all the extra tools which are time saving and empowering and your willingness to share all you can. I have added Dowsing Spirits approach to my professional repertoire for both home healing and energy healing.

Loving it. Your writing style is very direct, personal and open and it feels as though I am listening to you rather than reading which is making is very accessible.

Calm, peaceful and nurturing. The house feels wonderful, thank you for your wonderful healing work Adrian

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