Geopathic Stress & Energy Healing

Home Healing

An Englishman’s home is his castle’ so the saying goes. We should all feel safe in our own homes but an unseen enemy is out there causing us all sorts of problems, mainly with our health.

Which areas of healing can we help you with?

People Healing

We all know that sleep is good for us, it enables the body to repair itself from the rigours of the day i.e. drinking, smoking, pollution, stress at work etc. Cells need to be renewed, nutrients absorbed and food digested.

How we can help you with your healing?

Land Healing

What makes a site holy or sacred?

None of us know what has occurred or been built on the ground on which our house is built.

Consecrated ground does not have to be Christian in origin. Where our Pagan ancestors worshipped they erected temporary altars. Mother Earth was sacred to them.

Business Healing

As with your home a modern office can easily trap noxious energies, hitting you when you are at your most stressed.

Look around you, are you and your colleagues constantly unwell? How do you feel when you arrive at work?

How we can help heal your business?

Selling your Home

How often have you seen the same house repeatedly on the market, a divorce forcing the sale?

The couple were blissfully happy when they moved there two years ago but are now splitting up.

Repeating the previous home owners’ pattern.