It seemed that as soon as September arrived Autumn began. A slight chill in the air in the evenings and a heavy dew on the lawn in the mornings.

The leaves will start turning soon, giving us, once again, a stunning display of colours that only Mother Nature can provide.

The trees and shrubs then become dormant, the sap falls, until Spring next year when they suddenly come to life once again, yet another of the miracles that the earth naturally gives us.

We also go through changes; however, we are often too busy to notice them. Our body perhaps craves different food, we start to tire earlier in the day, we suddenly want to go to bed earlier and wake up later.

The clocks going back at the end of October also adds to our mind and body’s confusion, but we plough on regardless. Like the sap in the trees our energy levels starts to fall, many sensitive people can feel this happening, rather like stamping on the brakes and being brought to a sudden halt.

These changes can leave us feel slightly depressed and the dark evenings only add to that.

Grounding is therefore very important, keeping in touch with the Earth just like the trees. This helps keep us stable and rooted enabling us to tap into and absorb the healing energies provided naturally by Mother Earth.

You can take your shoes and socks off and walk in the garden, but it can get a bit cold this time of year, but if you click here it will take you the shop area on my website where you can download, free of charge, on how to ground yourself in the comfort, and warmth, of your own home.

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