Spiritual Achievements

//Spiritual Achievements

I have been pondering over a question for some time now and it has finally been answered during a conversation with a client whose house I have been working on.

We have lost many well-known personalities over the years, Niki Lauda is the most recent, as well as friends and family and I often wonder about the legacy they have left behind.

During their lifetime they will have touched and influenced many people, but did they achieve what they wanted to or needed to during their time on earth?

Spiritually I mean.

This is what came through to me as I spoke on the telephone ‘It is not what we have achieved for others but what we have done for ourselves that is important’.

Again, this is looking purely from a spiritual point of view.

Probably one of the hardest things that we can do, spiritually, is to look inwards, at ourselves, to work out who we truly are and find out what we want or need to achieve during this lifetime.

Once you have figured that out then it is time to bring in the changes but do be kind to yourself, we have all made mistakes, that is part of being human.

This ‘soul searching’ tends to happen as you reach mid-life (45 to 55), when we start to look back at what we have accomplished, mostly to do with family and work. But now comes the difficult part as we begin to look at what we have achieved spiritually for ourselves.

I am not a great believer in karma but do feel that we are here to learn lessons and to learn from our mistakes, stopping the repeating patterns that affect so many people’s lives. I also feel that once you have learned your important lesson that you are given another task to master and this is perhaps when you are given the chance to develop your spirituality.

This is very much an individual journey as we all walk different pathways however keeping our connection with the Higher Realms and Mother Earth will help us all.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, and remember the sun is always shining above the clouds.

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