Where have all the elementals gone?

//Where have all the elementals gone?

For our summer break, Allyson and I, decided to visit some of the prominent battlefield sites on the France German border.


Well, to carry out some much-needed healing on the people, buildings, the flora and fauna, and also some soul/spirit rescue.

There has been a lot of this work going on over the years, it is not just us who are doing so, but sometimes a visit is needed to carry out a deeper healing/cleansing of these sites, especially where some of the smaller battles took place and at the individual graves that you see alongside the roadside and tracks.

It is very humbling work and I am so pleased to be helping cross over to the light, men, women, children, animals, birds and so on.

The thing that struck Allyson and I is the, almost total lack of birdsong in the woods and forests, especially around Verdun, the scene of bitter and bloody fighting for many years during the First World War.

When sitting quietly at one particular spot, still bearing the scars of shelling, I asked if there were any elementals (nature spirits) here, and was told no. It seems that they left when the fighting started and have not been asked to come back!

These are essential for the well-being of the countryside and we spent some time trying to coax them back to help bring the return of birds and other creatures to help heal these ravaged lands.

They are gradually returning but more work is needed by us and you.

During my next two talks, one in Maldon, Essex on Tuesday 18th September and the other in Bristol on 21st September (details etc on my website) I will be carrying out a short meditation to speed the process up.

You can help by, simply sending your thoughts and love to these amazing creatures, asking them to return to the forests and abandoned villages, to help bring back the birdsong to the battlefields.

Best wishes



PS The next Spirit and Earth workshop is on the 6th and 7th October near Ripon, we will be working with the land, connecting to Spirit and Mother Earth showing how we can all be part of the healing process, not just to ourselves but to others.

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