What will you be doing in four years’ time?

//What will you be doing in four years’ time?

As I sat watching the England game last night, my first and last taste of the World Cup, in the Queens Head, as the game finished I sad to my friends ‘So what will you be doing in fours year’s time?’ They looked at me sideways and turned back to the bar!

As I walked home the question repeated in my head and suddenly a white drifted down from above ‘Ok I have taken notice’ I said in my head, them upstairs have their ways of getting your attention and focus on something important.

The first thing that I did when I got home, about a ten minute walk, was to write down ‘Life in four years’ time’, the topic of my newsletter today.

It has certainly started me thinking – where do I want to be in four years’ time? In my old business we often sat down and worked out a one, three and five year plan, but rarely do we do that in our private lives.

Are we going to be doing the same old thing, living in the same place or area where we are today? Possibly, as a lot of people are very resistant to change and like to stay with what they know and who they know.

But change can be good, new and fresh ideas keep the  mind, body and soul working. A lot of people have a ‘bucket list’ of things that they want to do before they pass away, but how many of those wishes really come to fruition? Procrastination sets in, work gets in the way, other people come into your life, you might worry about what your family and friends might think of you and it may be, finally, that a lack of self-esteem stops you doing something you truly wanted to do.

There can be many reason for life to stay as it is today and, potentially, why people don’t want it to change.

But, as someone once said, ‘If you are not moving forwards you are going backwards!’

So, where you going to be when the next World Cup is on in 2022?

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