Why are we here?

//Why are we here?

Well, we all have a purpose in life, but, in most cases, we don’t really know what it is!

The early years of our life is full of expectations and the latter part can be full of regrets for not having made the most of those youthful thoughts.

Life, as we know, is full of ups and downs, the good, the bad and the downright ugly, but experiencing them is what makes us who we are today.

Sometimes we learn from our mistakes, and sometimes we don’t, after all we are only human!

We can be very hard on ourselves, and in fact are, in most cases, our own worst enemy. So perhaps it is now time to loosen the shackles, shed the old skin and start to move forward in a new direction.

After watching Lucifer on television (a wonderful series) one particular phrase of his keeps coming back to me: ‘What is it that you truly desire?’

The person he says it to immediately comes up with what they want, but could you do the same?

Do you know what you truly desire?

Or, what actually, makes you happy?

It shouldn’t be a difficult question to answer, should it?

But it probably will be!

You have all the summer to puzzle it out.

Good luck.

Best wishes

Adrian x x

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