Spirit and Earth


Many of us have lost our connection to the Earth. Urbanisation in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, brought about huge changes. Many people who lived off the land moved into the town, which quickly grew to become a city.

We have subsequently lost that feeling of belonging to ‘something’. The family unit is almost a thing of the past. People are slowly losing their faith in mainstream religion, the churches of which had been a place of community. ‘Spirit & Earth’ has been written to help you find your connectedness once again, to help you feel part of the whole, the Universe and Mother Earth.

Subjects covered include mind mapping, and how to change your neural network with meditation. Also, the use of crystals to develop better health, the angelic realms, Mother Nature and the work of the elementals.



This book seeks a modern way to changing our lives through truly holistic thinking, to create a sustained positive relationship with everything around us.

In practical simple ways this book shows how the power of focused intent can be harnessed to improve relationships between humans, nature and Mother Earth. The authors have used their experience, knowledge and philosophy to illustrate how to change the perception of our lives.

Working with earth energies at sacred sites and holy places and even how to create a sacred space in your home or garden are discussed in detail, in this book, ‘Spirit and Earth’.

Have you ever wondered about ceremonial ways, crystals, angelic realms, grounding, physic protection, elementals and healing? These topics are discussed in detail by the authors.

It is a book for those starting out on the spiritual journey, as much as for those who have trodden the pathway for many years.

As the cover says, ‘it is a handbook for modern holistic living’.

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Dimensions 15.2 × 1.7 × 22.9 cm


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