Dowsing Spirits Collection


Have you ever wondered how Master Healers work? Adrian shares four of his own daily healing practices with you; psychic protection, tuning in, closing down and soul rescue.

These practices have developed with his many years of healing, resulting in concise and beautiful flowing mantras.

In addition, these healing practices can be used in conjunction with Heal Your Home and Spirit & Earth Courses.

These practices will keep you safe.



Adrian guides you with calmness and integrity through these four major healing practices.

We have included a visual aid, and a step by step guide for your psychic protection.

By splitting these recordings into two levels, you can be ensured that you receive the correct level of instruction and guidance, before you are fully prepared to progress to the next level.   Please listen to Level One at least twice, before you proceed to Level Two, this will ensure your continued safety, whilst healing yourself or others.

We have listed the practices, in the order that they would be carried out during a day to day healing.  Please do not skip the stages, each stage works as a further layer of protection.

No-one should attempt Soul-Rescue, unless they have carried out the proceeding steps!


Level One

This sets the ground rules for each healing practice.  Each download will have its own introduction, and helpful insights on how to carry out that particular practice. This will allow you to develop your own spiritual connection.  Adrian will then recite the mantra in full.


Level Two

Only once you are confident of all the necessary steps, should you proceed to this level.

At this level, Adrian will lead you straight into the protection and healing mantras. It is presumed that you have already carried out the necessary preparations and precautions before proceeding with the mantra.

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