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Our unique dowsing charts complete with their own step by step instructions will assist you in finding the answers in various situations. Please see our free download, How To Dowse.



Australian Bush Flower Essences Chart

An opportunity to explore the lesser known Australian Bush Flower Essences.

The essences are a form of gentle, energetic natural medicine that encourage healing and the release of negative thought patterns and behaviours.

Our dowsing chart lists the sixty-nine essences, and their individual traits. Find out which essence is most beneficial for you.


Bach Flower Essences Chart

Find out which of these essences are most beneficial for you, by dowsing our table chart, which lists all of Dr Bach’s thirty-eight essences. A combination of flower extracts, herbs and other natural ingredients.

Each essence allows the body and mind to release a specific negative characteristic or emotional trait.  It gently allows the body and mind to shift to a more positive and beneficial state.

We have included each essences’ use, to help you have a deeper understanding of your dowsing results.


Household and Environment Allergy or Intolerance Chart

With a comprehensive list of thirty-eight household and environment variants, we have made it easier than ever to ascertain what could be causing you either an allergy or intolerance in your home or environment.


Questions to ask at ancient or sacred sites chart

How often do you get to a site, pick up your dowsing rods and then your mind goes blank?

Panic sets in!

What questions do I ask whilst I am here?

How or where do I start?

Don’t worry, help is at hand with this chart.  Work through the questions and they will assist you in expanding your knowledge and enjoy a fulfilling day at your chosen sacred site.

We have even included a timeline chart, making it much easier for you to dowse the date.

We recommend that you perform a psychic protection before you commence.


Who Is My Animal Spirit Guide Chart?

A dowsing chart to help you ascertain which Animal Spirit Guide is currently helping you.  We have used Celtic and Druid animal lore, honouring our own ancestors in the UK and our spiritual heritage.  We cover thirty-one Spirit Guides.

The Animal Spirit World might be trying to convey a message, this chart will help you be more receptive.


Who Is My Spirit Guide Chart?

Have you ever wondered if you have a Spirit Guide and if so, who it was?

Why are they there, what do they look like and what is their name?  With our unique dowsing chart, you will be able to answer these burning questions, and much more.

We would always suggest that you carry out some form of psychic protection before you start this exercise, to keep you safe.


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Dowsing Charts

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