The Secrets of Healing your Home Part 2


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An in-depth course with Master Dowser and Geopathic Stress Practitioner Adrian Incledon-Webber

Join Adrian for an enlightening weekend course designed specifically to look at and deal with the noxious energies in your home, office or workplace, collectively known as Geopathic Stress.

This includes a unique healing session on Sunday

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This is the second of two specialised course designed to enable you to work on clearing houses of Geopathic Stress. It includes how to remote dowse for the many problems associated with geopathic stress and how they manifest themselves in your home.

A unique healing session on your home is included in the week
Developing your intuition
Using remote dowsing to ascertain the problems that you face day-to-day
Update and Breakdown on the effects of Geopathic Stress including:
Curses and spells, ET’s, Black Magic, Sacred Vows
Karmic Problems, Toxic Lines and Sink Holes
Fractured Souls, Technopathic Stress (EMF etc)
Elementals, Tree and Animal Spirits, Consecrated Ground
Psychic Attack, Heavy Metals, Guardian of the site
Update and refresher on exploring and clearing Earth Energy Lines, Spirals etc
Map dowsing your home
Detailed Healing Techniques and much more…

Don’t miss the opportunity to train with author of Heal your Home

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Healing your Home II Locations & Dates

9th & 10th November – Essex

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