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I have heard of Geopathic Stress, but what is it?


Simply put, it is a mixture of detrimental or inherited human emotions, water veins and earth radiation that creates a subtle leaching of your life force, which eventually leads to many different health problems within individual people and their families.

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How does it affect me and my family?

Everyone is an individual therefore we are all affected in different ways, it also depends on what the problem is and where it comes from, whether the earth, spirits or inherited emotions!

It can start off as a niggly ailment that doesn't get any better, or a sudden headache that just won't go away. Many illnesses can be put down to the long term effects of living and/or working within a geopathically stressed zone or house! Sleeping over one of these areas is difficult and this too will weaken the body's natural defence mechanism.

What can be done about it?

There are links above that will give you a better idea on what I can do to help you. Please click on the relevant ones or contact me on 01423 781974 to discuss your problem and what can be done about it.

I have clients all over the world as I dowse your floor plan remotely showing you where the detrimental areas are in your home or workplace and then carry out an individual healing; each one is different depending on what has been found.


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